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A Closer Look at the 'Phoenix Harpy' Scarf

Set to coincide with the New Year, the Phoenix Harpy scarf takes a mournful look backwards at the events of 2020, while remaining cautiously optimistic about the future. In this illustration, we see the Phoenix Harpy wounded by arrows in a great battle and engulfed in her own flames in the moments before her regeneration.
So... it’s a piece about pain and death, but it’s also about rebirth and never ending cycles.

We see the themes of cycles and infinity in the stone border, with symbols like the ouroboros, the astrological year, the phases of the moon, an infinitely rotating hourglass, and new life springing forth from death. In the upper stone medallions, we see the Tarot cards "The Tower" and "The Wheel of Fortune," both of which address different types of change: abrupt and destructive change in The Tower, and cyclical and flowing change in The Wheel of Fortune. Within the context of the Phoenix Harpy, The Tower is a reflection on all that has happened in 2020, while the Wheel of Fortune looks hopefully into the future, serving as a reminder that this too shall pass.
The Phoenix Harpy illustration is limited to an edition of only 50 silk scarves and 50 coordinating silk eyemasks, and will never be reprinted. 

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