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A Closer Look at the 'Eternal Lovers' Scarf

The Eternal Lovers scarf is an intimate look into the lives of two married vampires. Scattered throughout their unkempt crypt, we see evidence of their undying love over the centuries: the items they use most frequently, stolen jewels, gifts to each other over the years, and remnants of midnight snacks. Nearly every inch of this large silk scarf is covered in such details, many of which are visible in the crops below.
 Fans of fine lingerie may recognize Studio Pia and Hopeless clothing our two lovers.
They rest on silk pillows, clothed in fine gold jewelry, pearls and lingerie. Can you spot their bitemarks?
Silk, thorns, pearls, and a frequently used tool surround these two wives in their coffin-bed. 
We see toys of different types, a poison ring, bloody kitten paw prints, and a lost shoe, among other things.
Two half-human vampire bats swoop over the lower corners, a motif that we see repeat in the jewel-encrusted border. Scattered pearls, naughty Polaroids, and the hand of an unlucky victim grace the bottom left corner of this illustration as well. 
More naughty Polaroids, a chatelaine designed specially for gathering blood, a Black Widow (you get it), and... a pair of cheap plastic fangs? These vampires really must stop bringing home everything that catches their eyes!
In the bottom right corner, we see the second vampire bat, scattered bones, blood samples from a local hospital (the "good stuff"), a tiny torture device for entertainment, and a custom block print from a trip to Japan a few hundred years ago.
What other details will you notice upon seeing this scarf in person? Packed with details designed to surprise and delight, this wearable "I-spy" art piece looks different every time you tie it. This illustration is limited to a tiny edition of only 50 silk scarves, and it will never be reprinted. Unlike the love of these two vampires, this scarf won't be around forever! 

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