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A Closer Look at the 'Widow's Captive' Scarf

The Widow's Captive silk scarf illustrates the plight of a young noble woman foolish enough to venture into the den of a Giant Spider to retrieve some of the treasure in the hoard within. Tragically, she finds herself captured to serve as the Spider's newest plaything instead. Hanging in the Spider's web alongside our poor heroine, we see dripping jewels and pearls, magical artifacts, and even subtle references to other Logandria scarves.
For those that desire to read more about the the story taking place on this scarf, a complimentary cloth-bound book can be included with the purchase of this silk scarf if one wishes.
Recognize the shoe hanging above and the cameo portrait below? Both items bear a striking resemblance to two items on the bedroom floor of the vampire wives in the Eternal Lovers scarf... How did these items end up here, I wonder?
What other details will you notice upon seeing this scarf in person? Packed with details designed to surprise and delight, this wearable "I-spy" art piece looks different every time you tie it. This illustration is limited to an edition of only 100 silk scarves, and it will never be reprinted.

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